Rotary Phase Converters

Do you have a piece of 3-phase equipment and only have single phase power?

TREYLINE SUPPLY AND MFG. CO. LLC is pleased to offer an unmatched, top of the line rotary phase converter which is manufactured in the U.S.A., followed with the best support in the industry.

What is a Phase Converter and where are they used?


A phase converter is an electrical device that uses a control panel and a custom electric generator motor to create three phase power from a single phase source. Phase converters can be used in a variety of locations where three phase power is not available. Typically, you will not see three phase power in rural areas and or residential areas, as it’s a commercial power.

Phase converters can be used on Pumps, Fans, Pivots, Augers, Blowers, Elevators, Mills, Air Compressors, Wood Working Equipment, Grinders, Welders, and car lifts just to name a few. Feel free to contact our professional staff with any application questions.