Do you have a piece of 3-phase equipment and only have single phase power?

Treyline Supply Co. LLC is pleased to offer a top of the line rotary phase converter manfactured in the USA by Elite Industrial MFG LLC.

What is a Phase Converter and where are they used?

A phase converter is an electrical device that uses a control panel and a custom electric generator motor to create three phase power from a single phase source. Phase converters can be used in a variety of locations where three phase power is not available. Typically, you will not see three phase power in rural areas and or residential areas, as it’s a commercial power.

Phase converters can be used on Pumps, Fans, Pivots, Augers, Blowers, Elevators, Mills, Air Compressors, Wood Working Equipment, Grinders, Welders, and car lifts just to name a few. Feel free to contact our professional staff with any application questions.