Receipt of goods from Treyline Supply & Mfg. Co. LLC constitutes acceptance of these terms & conditions. Unless agreed upon by TREYLINE in writing, all payments are due within twenty (20) days of the original invoice date. Any invoice amounts remaining unpaid beyond forty (40) days of the original invoice date, or within a time agreed by the parties in writing, are subject to a late-penalty charge of 2% interest per month, on the invoice total, beginning with the original invoice date, and or the maximum rate allowed by law. Claims for lost and/or damaged goods must be filed with TREYLINE within five (7) days of receipt and are limited to the dollar amount charged as indicated on subsequent invoice(s). The customer is responsible for all costs incurred by TREYLINE for the collection of invoices including- but not limited to- reasonable attorney charges, collection agency costs, and all court costs or related fees. A customer’s goods on TREYLINE premises may be considered chattel to be used as partial or full payment for past due invoices (over 40 days) owed by the customer. Any discrepancies relating to an invoice, must be reported to TREYLINE billing department within five (5) working days of invoice date. Any product which is left undelivered for 90 days will be deemed property of TREYLINE and will be subject to resale without notification. All payments must be made with reference to the TREYLINE invoice number for accounting accuracy.



All invoices over the amount of $1000.00 (One Thousand Dollars) will be subject to a 3% processing charge. A 3% charge can be added to the invoice at any time, with the customer’s request via email, or phone call. All payments via “bank transfer” will not incur a charge when using the supplied link provided with the original invoice.



All TREYLINE products are delivered by company truck, and or a freight carrier of our choice as standard. By request only, customers may pick up their items, or use a freight carrier of their choice using a “collect” method. All “collect” freight requests must be supplied with a proper account # prior to shipment. All TREYLINE truck deliveries will require a signature upon delivery. If nobody is present at the time of delivery, TREYLINE will photograph the package after delivery is made, and notify the customer via text message or email. This photograph will act as a signature of the package being delivered safely, and TREYLINE will not be held responsible for any damage or theft thereafter.

IMPORTANT: All freight shipments must be inspected BEFORE signing the carrier’s paperwork. If the item has been damaged, DO NOT SIGN, AND REFUSE, the package. Please be thorough with your inspections, and make the carrier wait if you suspect any damage. After you sign the carrier’s paperwork, it is a very hard task to overturn for any insurance claims. The customer will be held responsible for all repairs and return freight charges associated with the damage in the event of a signature, without proper inspection.